Products Liability – Home care equipment

Snow Blower Blades; Another Example

The plaintiff released a mechanism in his snowblower designed to stop the blades in the snowblower.   He then stuck his hand in the chute to remove clogged snow. Three fingers were severed by the blades which were still in motion.[125]


The plaintiff was cutting wood in his backyard when the chainsaw he was using kicked back.   He suffered permanent and crippling injuries. The chainsaw had no anti-kickback device and the instruction manual and the chainsaw itself had inadequate warnings.[126]

Snowblower Blades

A 15-year-old boy had been using the family snowblower to clear the snow from the driveway. The snow was wet and heavy and kept clogging the machine.   When the machine was stopped the boy reached in to unclog some of the snow which had collected there. Two of his fingers were cut off by

Riding Lawnmower

A 4-year-old girl came out of her house to talk to her 14-year-old brother who was sitting on a large riding lawn mower which the family had recently purchased second-hand.   The lawnmower was engaged but was in a stopped position. The girl slipped and fell and her foot became caught under the lawnmower's blades.

Power Lawnmower

Plaintiff, an experienced gardener, was mowing his employer's lawn early one morning.   As he was proceeding down a steep incline his foot slipped and became caught under the blades of his power mower. He lost his right foot as a result of the injuries sustained.[123]

Front-End Loader

Plaintiff, a 31-year-old man, was clearing brush from his backyard in a rented front-end loader.   When the vehicle hit a tree branch lying on the ground the branch came into the cab and speared the plaintiff's stomach. The entire front side of the tractor was open and unprotected. No user-operating instructions were included when


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