Now that summer has arrived, families (children especially) spend more time outside. Whether it is at the pool, the beach, playground, or even your backyard, some products and activities can contribute to serious injuries or even death.


These 10 tips can help you and your loved ones have a safer summer:

  1. Use multiple barriers between a child and water. These can include door locks, gates, pool covers, etc. One simply is not enough and there is a high rate of child drowning. There have been 5,200 deaths and 390 injuries in children under the age of 15.
  2. Do not overlook smaller water hazards. These can include buckets, wading pools, fountains, etc. Children can drown in as little as 2 inches of water.
  3. Diligent supervision is still required. Floating devices cannot replace adult supervision. Rafts can still block the view of a child in need.
  4. Always wear a properly fitted helmet. Even when biking in a driveway or down your street. Most bicycle accidents happen within 5 blocks of a home. Helmets reduce risk of head and brain injuries by up to 88%.
  5. Never leave a child unattended. Especially when near water, even it is to simply answer a phone or run for a glass of water. Drowning occurs quickly and you may not always be able to hear it occurring. The second leading cause of death in children is drowning.
  6. No strings or Chords. Drawstring on clothing and bicycle helmet straps can catch on equipment. Likewise, equipment should be an age appropriate size. Injuries can occur from collision, entrapment, strangulation, falls, or inadequate equipment.
  7. Goals should be anchored. Always remember to re-anchor a goal after mowing the lawn or redesign. Goals can be improperly anchored and can tip over and crush a child resulting in severe injuries.
  8. Do not use trampolines at home. Trampolines are not safe for backyard use. Injuries that can result include death, paralysis, back injuries and fractures.
  9. Install window guards and window stops. Do not simply rely on screens to prevent falls. Falls result in death and severe injuries.
  10. Make sure to read safety labels and reviews before purchasing children’s outdoor toys for pools. Many manufacturers create unsafe toys that can result in injuries or death. Read customer reviews and make sure the products have not been recalled or sued for product liability.
About the Author: James Swartz
Mr. Swartz, our Managing and Principal Attorney at Swartz & Swartz P.C., is a nationally recognized and respected trial attorney as well as consumer advocate. His practice focuses on cases involving negligence, torts, products liability, medical malpractice, wrongful death, and other claims involving catastrophic injuries.

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