A day spent at the golf course should be a relaxing experience for all involved. However, it’s important to remember that accidents can happen virtually anywhere.

A golf course is no exception. Sometimes, golfers are injured when accidents involving golf carts occur.

It’s worth noting that, despite their name, golf carts aren’t exclusively used at golf courses. They may also help riders navigate resorts, retirement communities, farms, and various other such locations. This means golf cart accidents can occur even in spots where no actual golf is being played.

The following statistics will help you better understand the nature of this problem. Be aware, by exercising caution when operating a golf cart, you could minimize your chances of being harmed in an accident. However, it’s always possible you’ll be hurt in a golf cart accident resulting from the negligence of another party. You may be eligible for financial compensation if this happens.

In the meantime, noteworthy statistics about golf cart accidents include the following:

More Than Half of Golf Cart Accidents Involving Adolescents Involve Children 12 Years Old and Younger

You might assume golf cart accidents tend to involve adults. This is understandable, given that we often consider golf to be an adult’s game.

However, according to research from the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, in recent years, approximately 6,500 annual golf cart accidents in the U.S. result in injury to adolescents. Of these accidents, half involve children 12 years of age or younger. This is concerning, given that such children are not old enough to legally operate these vehicles.

Most golf cart accidents involving adolescents occur at sporting events or schools. Although most of these accidents result in superficial injuries, some cause more severe harm.

Golf Cart Accidents May Send Nearly 10,000 People to Emergency Rooms Annually

Using the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System database, researchers conducted a study looking into the prevalence of golf cart accidents and injuries in the U.S. between the years of 1990 and 2006. They found that, during this time period, approximately 147,696 injuries requiring treatment in emergency departments resulted from golf cart accidents.

This indicates nearly 10,000 golf cart accident injuries require trips to the emergency room every year. Researchers also found that injuries to children 16 years of age or younger accounted for about 31.2% of all injuries.

According to the study, the vast majority of golf cart accidents occur at sports facilities. Most others occur on public streets or private properties like farms. The majority of injuries resulting from golf cart accidents are sustained when riders or drivers fall out of the vehicles.

Most golf cart accidents involving adolescents occur at sporting events or schools.

Kids Are at a Higher Risk of Traumatic Brain Injury

Similar to the above study, researchers once again turned to the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System database to study the rate of golf cart accidents and injuries in the U.S. between the years of 2007 and 2017. Their research shows that the rate of golf cart accidents resulting in injury may be increasing. It remains unclear why this is the case.

The study also revealed that, among children who sustain injuries in golf cart accidents, approximately 1.6 in 100,000 sustains some form of traumatic brain injury. The rate of traumatic brain injury among adults involved in golf cart accidents, on the other hand, is only 0.5 out of 100,000.

Why Golf Cart Accidents Happen

Golf cart accidents can occur for many potential reasons. Noteworthy examples include:

Negligence on the part of a driver. This can involve a range of careless behaviors. For example, a driver may operate a golf cart while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or they might attempt to operate the vehicle in terrain it’s not suited for.

Insufficient safety features, as golf carts typically lack the safety features of cars and other such motor vehicles.

Improper course maintenance, with golf cart accidents being more likely to occur if those responsible for maintaining a golf course or other such properties fail to address safety hazards.

Be aware that someone injured in a golf cart accident also doesn’t need to be driving or even riding in a golf cart. In some instances, pedestrians are the victims of golf cart accidents.

Legal Options After a Golf Cart Accident

Hopefully, you’ll never be harmed in an accident involving such vehicles. If this does happen, though, and you have reason to believe your accident resulted from the actions or negligence of another party, you might be able to seek compensation by filing an insurance claim or lawsuit.

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