Up until very recently, most people only had the option of choosing from the hotels or motels in the area they would be visiting when deciding where to stay.

That’s no longer the case. Now, it’s often possible to book a stay at an AirBnB or other such lodging option.

The benefits of doing so are numerous. Many of these spots are custom-designed to offer a unique experience that one cannot get from a standard hotel or motel chain. Additionally, although this is not always the case, staying at an AirBnB can be more affordable than staying at a hotel.

However, these services are still fairly new. That means the downsides of booking a room with AirBnB, Vrbo, or a similar platform are still being revealed.

For instance, although some AirBnBs consist merely of small rooms in a host’s house, there are also “luxury” AirBnBs in homes equipped with such features as residential elevators. Unfortunately, an alarming trend indicates these elevators may not be as safe for occupants as they should be.

Adler has recommended that both vacation rental companies and property owners disable their elevators until they have been properly inspected.

Legal Options for Families of Children Involved in Vacation Home Elevator Accidents

No family should have to lose a child or see their child sustain major injuries as a result of an accident involving an unsafe elevator at a vacation rental property. However, if this does occur, a family should at least know that they may be able to hold accountable home elevator manufacturers and installers by filing a claim or lawsuit.

It’s best for families who plan on taking legal action to coordinate with attorneys when doing so. First, it can be unclear in these circumstances who the liable parties may be.

For example, the CSPC has specifically noted that accidents involving residential elevators may be associated with the following companies:

Those companies may be liable for compensating the families of children involved in accidents with their elevators. However, depending on the specific nature of the circumstances, it may be more appropriate to assign liability to the vacation rental platform or the property owner who allowed a customer to unknowingly be put in harm’s way.

At Swartz & Swartz, P.C., whenever we take on new clients, we investigate their cases thoroughly to ensure we have accurately identified the negligent parties who may be held responsible for compensating them after tragic accidents. If your loved one has been harmed or lost their life in a residential elevator accident, we are prepared to identify the liable parties, gather evidence proving negligence, and offer the representation you need to seek justice.

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