Dynacraft has announced a recall of about 5,200 of its Hello Kitty City Scooters and 5,500 Monster High City Motor Scooters. Both models of scooters can accelerate unexpectedly, causing a rider to lose control and fall. The company has received nine reports of the scooters accelerating unintentionally and three reports of injuries.
The electric, battery-operated City Scooters are  pink and black with Hello Kitty graphics, or purple and black with Monster High graphics on the front panels, seat and rear fenders. The scooters were manufactured between September 10th and December 3rd, 2012.Hello Kitty City Scooter
Look for model number 8801-03 and the date of manufacture on a data label on the underside of the scooter. Serial numbers for the recalled Hello Kitty scooters have the letters “QYCEI” followed by a six-digit number between 000001 and 014456 and are etched on the underside of scooter near the data label.  Serial numbers for the recalled Monster High scooters have the letters “QYCEI” followed by a six-digit number in the following range: 003125 through 014456. The serial number can be found etched on the underside of the scooter’s center platform near the data label.Monster High City Scooter
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