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    The minor plaintiff (“PC”) lived at all relevant times in an apartment with his mother (“MT”) and grandmother (“GM”). PC’s head and neck became entrapped between the rear lid and side wall of the subject container.

    The subject container was located at the edge of part of the parking lot on the premises of the apartment complex, and in close proximity to a playground and playground area frequented by the many children who lived on the premises. As a result of the incident, PC suffered a loss of oxygen and traumatic brain damage.

    Plaintiffs alleged that the container was defective in several ways, including: inadequate or non-existent warnings and cautions, including pursuant to standards; lack of safety inspections; and ease of accessibility by children.

    Defendants were prepared to aggressively defend the lawsuit, had hired numerous top-tier experts, and focused on (in part): product identification issues; alterations to the product over decades; the family’s knowledge that

    Published On: January 7, 20241.2 min read