Normally, individuals traveling to a destination north or south of Boston may choose to use I-495, leaning towards the west of Boston to detour traffic in the city. However, beyond question, traffic in Boston is worse than ever, as stated by city residents in an article by According to many news sources and hundreds of Boston car accident attorneys, individuals are driving more and more dangerously– tailgating, speeding, and weaving in and out of traffic. In actuality,  drivers use the outer right lane as a speed lane, making it risky for drivers merging onto highways, as well as using the extreme left lane as a regular travel route rather than simply for passing. In addition to these unsafe driving practices, wrong-way motorists can cause severe head-on crashes.

What Sorts of Negligence Leads to Wrong Way Road Mishaps?

Careless drivers are the biggest offenders of most wrong-way mishaps. Inadequate road layout and insufficient signage may also lead to such collisions. Usually, cloverleaf intersections could be perplexing to some drivers. The leading cause of car accidents or wrong-way mishaps that implicate driver mistakes may include:

  • Operating under the influence of alcohol or medication
  • Oblivious or inattentive driving
  • Fatigued driving
  • Unaware Of highway driving procedures
  • Passing cars on the incorrect side of the highway
  • Speeding or careless driving maneuvers render the operator to lose control over the vehicle. 

How Could Wrong Way Mishaps Be Avoided?

Some states have started to carry out efforts to help control wrong-way accidents, including:

  • Flashing “Wrong Way” signals to catch drivers’ attention on high-risk routes. 
  • Concrete frames to halt wrong way automobiles from entering. 
  • Adequate lighting in high wrong way hazard locations.
  • Indicators or the words “WRONG WAY”  painted on the road or sidewalk. 
  • Detectors and surveillance to witness wrong-way automobiles.
  • Doing away with cloverleaf layouts and generating adequate road layouts.

Who Can Be a Victim of a Wrong Way Road Mishap and What Kinds of Injuries Can they Cause?

This kind of crash frequently occurs at high speeds. Consequently, motorists and passengers of other automobiles can suffer severe harm in a head-on crash with a motorist traveling in the wrong direction. Expected damages in wrong-way road mishaps contain:

  • Spinal cord injury.
  • Traumatic brain injury.
  • Ligament/joint injuries.
  • Bone fractures.
  • Internal organ damage.
  • Back/neck injuries.
  • Even death.

What Types of Compensation is Paid Out for Wrong Way Traffic Collisions?

Victims of wrong-way mishaps brought on by a third party’s negligence are entitled to pursue settlement for their damages. Injuries obtained in a wrong-way road mishap claim may include property damage, mental anguish, lost earnings, physical suffering and pain, past/future medical expenses, emotional trauma, and the loss of future earnings capability.

Do You Need an Attorney After a Wrong Way Road Collision?

Wrong-way mishaps are among the collisions that can cause fatalities. Assume you have been extremely impaired or lost a loved one in a collision caused by a wrong-way motorist. In that circumstance, your most suitable course of action is to confer with an adept Boston car accident attorney as soon as possible. The persuasive legal declaration will provide you with your most promising prospect of retrieving full settlement for your casualties. Unfortunately, insurance companies are in business for profits. Their purpose is to undervalue their payout or reject your lawsuit completely.

Why Consult Swartz Law for Wrong-Way Road Accident?

Our firm was established in 1976. The founding attorney Edward M. Swartz practiced for nearly three decades. Counting the qualities of Edward M. Swartz as a car accident lawyer, he was named among the prestigious Inner Circle of Advocates, American Judicature Society, Trial Lawyers for Public Justice, Boston Bar Association, and other 25+ reputable associations. Now with a dynamic family of attorneys, Swartz Law is open to offering you an initial consultation. If you have been a victim of a severe wrong-way accident, feel free to contact us to know how we can help throughout your lawsuit and claim process.



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