Some concerns about the safety of your kids (and yourself!) on Halloween may be based in urban legends. For example, contrary to what was once popular belief, there is no trend of criminals placing razor blades in candy.

That’s not to say Halloween is always a hazard-free holiday. Unfortunately, statistics indicate that pedestrians (particularly younger ones) are at a greater-than-average risk of being harmed in accidents on Halloween. In addition, motor vehicle accidents resulting from intoxicated driving are often more common on holidays in general.

This isn’t meant to suggest you need to keep the kids home this year instead of letting them out to trick-or-treat! Both you and your children can safely enjoy this holiday. You might simply be more likely to do so if you keep the following tips in mind:

Accompany Kids

It’s a simple safety tip. It’s also a remarkably effective and important one.

One of the easiest ways to ensure your kids remain safe on Halloween is to go trick-or-treating with them. Although there’s no consensus on the issue, many experts believe children shouldn’t begin trick-or-treating without adults accompanying them until they are at least 10 years of age. Of course, you need to account for such factors as your child’s maturity level and how safe your neighborhood is when deciding if they’re ready to go out on Halloween without you by their side.

Choose Costumes Carefully

All Halloween costumes should meet certain basic safety standards. They should be fire-resistant, and free of any components that could obstruct a wearer’s view, cause them to trip, etc. Makeup should be non-toxic.

It’s also wise to wear brightly-colored Halloween costumes. The easier it is to see a costume in low-light conditions, the easier it may be to avoid being harmed in a pedestrian accident. You may apply reflective tape to a costume if it doesn’t naturally feature bright colors.

Drive Very Carefully

You must always exercise caution when operating a motor vehicle. Even a moment’s error could result in serious consequences for yourself and others.

That said, it’s particularly important to be perhaps even slightly more careful than usual when driving on Halloween. You need to proceed slowly and scan for pedestrians in crowded areas to avoid striking anyone. Remember, along with trick-or-treaters, older Halloween partiers may also be out and about this night.

It’s often best to avoid driving entirely if possible on Halloween and similar nights. Again, this is due to the statistically higher presence of drunk drivers on the road. If you can’t avoid driving, remember that the motorists with whom you may be sharing the road might not be in proper condition to be driving safely. Keep your distance if you spot a driver who appears to be driving erratically.

One of the easiest ways to ensure your kids remain safe on Halloween is to go trick-or-treating with them.

Inspect Candy

While it’s true that the idea of criminals routinely inserting razor blades into Halloween candy may be a myth, that doesn’t mean it’s not smart to inspect your child’s candy before they eat it anyway. At the very least you’ll enjoy greater peace of mind if you confirm no one has tampered with your child’s candy. Additionally, you might need to check the ingredients if your child has any food allergies.

Know Where the Big Parties Are

Across the country, many bars and similar establishments understandably cash in on the Halloween season by hosting parties exclusively for adults. Sometimes, those in attendance at these parties over-consume alcohol, drugs, or both.

These individuals can become hazards as they return to their homes. While you may already know that drunk drivers can easily cause accidents, you should also know that intoxicated pedestrians can also cause accidents by stumbling out into traffic, misjudging whether they can safely cross the street, etc.

Find out where the largest Halloween celebrations in your area may be occurring. If you will be going out on Halloween, try to avoid these areas, as they may have a high concentration of intoxicated pedestrians and motorists.

All that said, there’s always the possibility you or your child will sustain harm on what should be a fun night due to the actions or negligence of another party. Contact a lawyer if this ever occurs.

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