Amount of Settlement: $800,000


The plaintiff presented to the hospital in labor, had an artificial rupture of the membranes and was placed on an electronic fetal heart monitor.The plaintiff did not feel the sensation to push due to the strong epidural, so the epidural was stopped. She then developed a temperature of 101.2 degrees, and the defendant obstetrician ordered antibiotics and Pitocin to enhance her contractions and assist in delivery, but her temperature increased to 102 degrees, at which time she was given Tylenol. Shortly thereafter, a Caesarean section was performed because the fetal heart tracings demonstrated non-reassuring signs. But the baby was delivered stillborn. The defendant alleged that there was good variability in the fetal heart tracings and that pathology found evidence of chorioamnionitis and placental abruption several hours before delivery. The plaintiff retained experts to counter that evidence who said the defendant failed to recognize non-reassuring fetal signs; failed to diagnose an arrest of labor and descent; and misused Pitocin, resulting in uterine hyperstimulation and other matters.