The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has issued a warning to consumers on August 27, 2008 that certain bassinets should no longer be used due to a significant safety defect. Specifically, the convertible bassinet products, made by Simplicity, Inc. of Reading, Pennsylvania, contain metal bars that are covered by an adjustable fabric flap which is attached by velcro.


An infant can suffocate by slipping through the opening and becoming entrapped in the metal bars. At least two babies – one in Kansas in 2007 and another in Missouri in 2008 – were reported to have suffered strangulation deaths as a result of this reported defect.

The CPSC and other consumer groups are concerned that day care providers and “second-hand” stores may still be using these products, and have urged that this warning regarding be shared with all such entities, as well as family and friends. The details of this recall of nearly 900,000 Simplicity bassinets can be found at

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