Several things may come to mind before navigating the windy roads of a settlement claim, especially one for a car accident. We are here with one of the most paramount questions that should be asked and understood within the initial timeframe – How long will my personal injury claim take to process? Understandably, when filing for compensation, you want to be capable of accessing the settlement payment as soon as possible. We are certain you might have heard accounts of some individuals’ lawsuits taking months and others taking years to settle. Why is there such a substantial deviation in time? Here’s why.

Getting Started

For many individuals, the procedure seems daunting, so some hold off on starting the initial stages. Or, more generally, the casualty/incident and its after-effects form so many other strains that the settlement process doesn’t make it into the plans for some time.

Nonetheless, it’s essential to get guidance to start the claim process as soon as possible. A Massachusetts personal injury attorney can reduce the strain most individuals encounter with submitting and managing their compensation lawsuits. In addition, negotiating with insurers can sometimes be complicated, and an attorney will be acquainted with their prerequisites, processes, and possible limitations of handling this process.

There is, for most lawsuits, also a strict time frame within which to initiate a claim, so it’s vital to pursue advice earlier on so you don’t neglect any required time limits. You may be stopped from being paid settlement if you file outside of that time limit.

Working With Your Personal Injury Lawyer In Boston

When you meet with an adept personal injury lawyer, you’ll immediately identify if you have a claim for settlement or not. Common law lawsuits are fault-based lawsuits and stem from the neglect of another person, where your injuries are highly expected and for which the other party is responsible.

If you have a lawsuit, you can keep things moving steadily and efficiently by:

  • Communicating quickly, candidly, and truthfully.
  • Maintaining track of all details and facts connecting to your car accident and giving this to your attorney as soon as possible.
  • Saving your medical records, permits, and other arranged and up-to-date documentation.
  • Answering requests for documentation and details from your attorney quickly. 
  • Attempting to respond pragmatically rather than emotionally (despite the challenges you may be facing). 
  • Holding to any appointments scheduled, including those with medics or any specialists.

What Delays A Personal Injury Claim Process?

  • Your injuries are not stable

One of the immediate reasons a personal injury claim may not settle is that your injuries have not become stable enough to evaluate their long-term effect on you. Of course, the more severe the injury is, the longer the lawsuit will take to settle, but it is likely to be worth more.

  • Conflicts with the insurance provider

If the insurer tries to debate the personal injury claim factors, that could add considerable time to the lawsuit. There are numerous problems that an insurance provider can present regarding a claim. For example, the insurer could debate who is at fault, questioning whether you were completely or somewhat liable for the mishap? If you are partially at fault, that will decrease the portion of compensation you may obtain. They could also deny the scope of your injuries in the incident. 

  • Going unaided

Negotiating directly with the insurance provider yourself or without expert legal advice can negatively impact the effectiveness of your claim and your fight for compensation. It is also highly possible you will end up with extremely less compensation. An adept Massachusetts personal injury attorney will know how to navigate the system effectively, ensuring that you obtain your full entitlement and compensation, which usually go a long way to cover your lawyers’ fees.

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