If you meet personal injury lawyers without doing your homework, you may feel intimidated during your appointment. Not all lawyers are there to assist you and protect your privileges and interests. So, keep a cool head, say goodbye to any uncertainties, and complete your analysis before employing just any personal injury lawyer in Boston. A few very meaningful and imperative questions should be asked of your attorney, who claims to be your best chance at  winning your injury lawsuits.

How many personal injury lawsuits do you manage on average?

Most of you might be assuming what this question’s importance is. Preferably, let us clarify that most attorneys who contend with handling personal injury claims are not addressing these lawsuits solely by themselves. Rather, they direct the claims to some other attorney when many cases come into the office. So whenever you hold a meeting with a lawyer, ask this question and for him to explain if he will address your case by himself, or does he intend to refer it to someone else?

How compelling is my lawsuit?

Any competent and adept legal expert will examine your case, investigate it comprehensively, and let you know how strong of a case you have. Is it worth classifying a personal injury lawsuit against the offender? Will it result in the right amount of settlement for you? A professional attorney should be able to tell you the answers to these questions upon looking at your case.

How much time will it take to settle a case like mine?

Every attorney has a personalized approach to negotiating lawsuits. Some of them operate very precisely, while others operate at a gradual speed. Nevertheless, those operating quickly don’t always prove to be the most promising. On the contrary, carrying out longer lawsuits exhibits more possibilities of acquiring a more satisfactory and fair compensation. At the same time, the second method only works when your legal expert consistently works on your lawsuit. You should understand the approximate period needed for settling your matter and the manner in which your attorney will work.

Do you charge any hidden fees beyond the standard fee?

This question is also very significant. Before hiring a catastrophic injury attorney, everything about the settlement’s terms and prerequisites should be clearly defined. Ask your catastrophic injury lawyer what their process is for assessing a fee. Don’t assume they are setting the fee on a contingency basis. In that situation, the precise percentage should be settled upon by you so that no problems arise after that. In general, this contingency fee percentage is around 30-50 percent. 

What’s my part in the claim lawsuit?

Before you employ a personal injury lawyer, you should understand what they will expect of you. For instance, some individuals like to be extremely hands-on and engaged in their lawsuits and attend depositions and other appointments. If this is vital to you, you should ask if your attorney allows this, because some attorneys do not. Other individuals want to let their attorneys handle the lawsuit fully and stay on the sidelines. Be certain you are on the same page with your lawyer about your lawful relationship.

Do you detect any hardships with my lawsuit?

There are challenges and legal problems unique to every personal injury lawsuit. This may seem difficult for unprofessional attorneys, but an adept attorney will efficiently indicate the hardships. It should be a huge red flag if you talk to an attorney who informs you that your lawsuit will be smooth-sailing. Unfortunately, there’s nothing straightforward with a personal injury claim.


The whole procedure can be very complicated, and any seasoned attorney with a proven record of resolving different types of lawsuits will be upfront with you about all aspects of the case. What’s more, is that our reputed personal injury lawyer in Boston will be candid with you about the subjects and hardships you may encounter. All in all, they will also offer a practicable solution as per your expectations.

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Mr. Swartz, our Managing and Principal Attorney at Swartz & Swartz P.C., is a nationally recognized and respected trial attorney as well as consumer advocate. His practice focuses on cases involving negligence, torts, products liability, medical malpractice, wrongful death, and other claims involving catastrophic injuries.

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