Products Liability – Defective housing

Faulty Wiring

Four members of a family were severely burned in a fire in their home due to faulty electrical wiring.   The wiring had been installed in blatant violation of the building code; the resultant fire was then rapidly spread by carpeting which had not been treated with available fire-retardants.

Mobile Home; Plumbing

A 1-year-old boy pulled a pipe from the hot water faucet out of its sleeve located in a cabinet under the bathroom sink of his family's mobile home.   He sustained serious burns. The plaintiffs contended that the manufacturer of the mobile home did not consider the environment of end use for its mobile homes

Cellar Steps

Plaintiffs purchased a new home from a local home builder. The builder had failed to install a hand railing on the outer portion of the cellar steps.   The plaintiffs' five-year-old son, while going down the steps, fell some fifteen feet, off the side of the steps, to the cellar floor. A properly installed railing


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