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Products Liability – Electrical Appliances


A waitress picked up a glass coffeepot which she had just filled from the coffeemaker. The handle assembly slipped off the coffee pot causing the pot to fall to the floor and break.   The plaintiff slipped on the hot coffee and fell. She was scalded and her pelvis was broken. The handle assembly, put

Electric Stove

A small boy suffered third degree burns over more than 50% of his body in an electrical fire in his family's home.   The fire was caused by an electric stove which, while being installed two weeks earlier, had set off a sparking fire at the outlet which was dismissed by the installers as being

Fuse Box

A father and one of his children were killed and the mother and two other children severely injured in a house fire which the fire marshal's investigation disclosed was caused by over-fusing of a particular Fuse Box.   A simple stick-on warning on the fuse box could have alerted the family to avoid this danger.

Electric Blanket – Another Example

A couple was awakened from their sleep when the husband noticed flames coming from the bottom of his electric blanket.   In an attempt to leave her home and find safety from the fire, the wife sustained burns over 55% of her total body surface, namely second and third-degree burns involving her back, left arm,

Electric Blanket

An elderly couple was awakened by flames shooting from the foot of their bed where their electric blanket was connected to its cord. They were seriously burned while trying to put out the fire. A short time after its purchase by the plaintiffs an alleged defect in the wiring of the blanket had been repaired

Vacuum Cleaner

An 11-year-old boy exposed his naked genitals to the air intake fan of a cannister vacuum cleaner.   His penis was caught in the intake fan and he was castrated. Liability was premised on defective design and negligence theories because (1) the intake fan blades had sharp edges (2) there was no effective guard over


A 28-year-old woman who was 8 months pregnant was standing in front of her stove in a cotton nightgown.   The electric stove oven was designed with French doors which open sideways instead of vertically. The oven heating element ignited the nightgown, causing the woman to sustain 75% body burns and to lose her baby.

Abandoned Refrigerator

Two children discovered an abandoned refrigerator and crawled into it. The door closed entrapping them and resulting in their death from suffocation.   The refrigerator was designed so that one could not open the door from the inside.


The plaintiff, a 4-year-old boy, was burned when he fell out of his parents' bed tipping over the vaporizer which poured boiling water on his chest.   The vaporizer was negligently designed in that it had a dangerously high center of gravity and its cover fit loosely on top and could easily fall off if


Young boy sustained burn injuries to his right hand, right arm, right shoulder and right ear when a Hairsetter device fell from a bathroom countertop and discharged hot water over part of the boy's body.   The plaintiffs brought an action against the manufacturer and retailer of the hairsetter alleging the hairsetter was defective and

Portable Hair Dryer

A 7-year-old girl was drying her hair with a small portable electric hair dryer. The dryer was dangerously designed because it contained no thermostatic controls.   As a result its surface could reach a temperature over 520 degrees; F. The girl's bedding and clothing was ignited by the heat of the hair dryer and she

Color Television

A woman was killed and her 2-year-old son was seriously burned in a fire that trapped them in one of the rooms in their house.   Plaintiff's expert says that the probable cause of the fire was the family's new color television, which was defective.


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