Our Boston personal injury lawyers put their best efforts into coming up with fresh subjects and concerns that clients often request through our blog section. Today, we have a unique topic that highlights injuries that occurred in a T-bone car accident. Yes, you read it right. Such incidents normally occur when one car/truck/bike collides with the other at a right angle, forming a T-shape. Predominantly, T-bone incidents involve two different vehicles, often known as a broadside collision or side-impact crash.

T-bone road accidents result in severe fatalities and injuries. According to a report by NHTSA, more than 6,300 deaths occurred due to side-impact crashes, which approximately contributed to 20% of the road/traffic fatalities. So let’s get on with knowing how T-bone accidents occur.

Most of these accidents happen around road intersections when one vehicle fails to surrender the right of way. Here’s a quick illustration – A car may run a red light or stop sign, smashing into the driver or passenger side of the opposite vehicle. Broadside collisions can occur anywhere and are not limited to ring roads or intersections. One common example would be a driver backing out of an alley without looking out for approaching vehicles. In addition, various other aspects can somewhat contribute to side-impact crashes, such as:

  • Faulty tires, worn-out brakes or brake pads, or complications in steering might make it impractical for the driver to avoid clash/collision.
  • When traffic lights malfunction or stop signs are missing, drivers could run through intersections and collide with other vehicles.
  • Damaged, inappropriately maintained, or defective roads can cause T-bone car accidents. The chances are that a driver may veer off course to avoid hitting potholes or rubbish, resulting in a side-impact crash.

Know Who is at Fault in a Broadside Collision

In many instances, accountability is important because of the nature of the road crash or accident. As mentioned earlier, a driver who fails to follow traffic laws or safe driving procedures will always be at fault. Even though, not all cases go without complications, especially accidents or crashes involving dangerous road situations or defective traffic lights. The driver at fault may claim that they had already entered the intersection or right of way path, and instead, you should be held responsible for the road crash.

Considering this fact, it becomes crucial to call the police or a personal injury law firm to report the incident. If possible, also try to gather contact details from prospective witnesses around the scene of the accident. Most likely, having a dedicated and experienced lawyer by your side can streamline the process a lot. They will follow up with leads, gather evidence, carry out a thorough investigation, and determine the responsible party for the accident. All in all, moving forward with an experienced lawyer is the most foolproof way to file a claim and build a strong case against the negligent party.

What’s Next? Hire a Personal Injury Law Firm

Ultimately, we understand that being a victim of a side-impact crash can have life-altering, drastic consequences. They almost always lead to extensive medical facility stays, prolonged work absences, costly property damage, never-ending medical expenses, severe pain, and suffering. Still, not to worry, as our team of personal injury lawyers in Boston is highly acclaimed when it comes to providing a hard-hitting legal representation of a client in any personal injury case. Swartz Law has the resources and expertise required to achieve the fairest and best possible outcome. Feel free to discuss your case with our experts, and we will try our best to get you the maximum compensation you deserve.




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