Meningitis Sister Company Issues Massive Product Recall

The sister company of Framingham’s New England Compounding Center (NECC) – Ameridose – recalled all of its products on October 31, 2012. According to health officials, the NECC is the source of fungus-contaminated steroid injections that have killed 28 people and sickened at least 363

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Firm probed in Meningitis Outbreak

On October 10, an agreement with the Department of Public Health’s Board of Registration in Pharmacy was signed, stating that Ameridose and its distribution partner, Alanaus Pharmaceuticals, are voluntarily shutting down operations until October 22 to allow inspectors the access needed to conduct an investigation.

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Regulator Has Link to Firm Implicated in Meningitis Outbreak

New England Compounding Center (NECC) shares the same owners as Ameridose, a company licensed and regulated by federal authorities to manufacture medications on a large scale. Until June 2011, Ameridose’s headquarters were right around the corner from NECC in Framingham, Massachusetts. Government investigators have to

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