Catastrophic Injuries

Do You Need an Attorney for Catastrophic Injury Claims?

Have you recently suffered from a catastrophic injury? If yes, then you may feel overwhelmed by medical bills and emotional trauma. Many people suffering from the same problem don't know where to start when choosing a personal injury lawyer. There's a lot to manage with

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How long will my personal injury case take – James Swartz

  An experienced lawyer will be able to tell you the approximate time frame for resolution of your personal injury case. A “medical end result” should be reached, when possible, before beginning the negotiation process. A medical end result

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Slip and fall personal injury cases – Joseph Swartz

  Slip and fall injuries can happen at anytime and any place and can be responsible for varying degrees of brain injuries. Slip and fall incidents, also known as slip, trip and fall accidents, can lead to non-catastrophic but

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James Swartz Discusses Recent Merrimack Valley Updates

Mayor, Lawmakers Object To $143M Gas Explosions Settlement   Elected leaders in Massachusetts are demanding revisions to a plan to divide up a $143 million class action settlement from last September's natural gas disaster. Lawrence Mayor Daniel Rivera and four state lawmakers have

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