Using Dashcam Evidence In Your Car Accident Claim

Dashcam footage can potentially be used as evidence to prove (or disprove) negligence in a Massachusetts car accident case. Have you been injured in a Massachusetts car accident? If you file a claim or lawsuit against the negligent

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Answered! When Should You Look for a Car Accident Lawyer in Boston?

A car accident lawyer represents your case in court, handles all the paperwork, negotiates with the insurance company on your behalf, and ensures that you get the full compensation you're entitled to. As per a report by  the Massachusetts Department of Transportation, road accidents in

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Not Using Turn Signals Can Cause Accidents

Failing to use turn signals is among the leading causes of car accidents. A driver not using a turn signal can cause  car accidents for other drivers on the road. So, it is important to use turn signals to make other drivers aware that all

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Top 3 Mistakes That Will Affect Your Car Accident Insurance Claim

After a car accident, most people rely on their insurance company to provide compensation for medical expenses, car repair costs, lost wages, and various other expenses. However, what most people don’t understand is that insurance agencies rarely help the victim. Usually, they offer inadequate compensation

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