After a car accident, most people rely on their insurance company to provide compensation for medical expenses, car repair costs, lost wages, and various other expenses. However, what most people don’t understand is that insurance agencies rarely help the victim. Usually, they offer inadequate compensation amounts to the policyholders or deny it fully just to protect the company’s profit margins.

 Victims don’t understand the intricacies of insurance claims and are preoccupied dealing with their injuries and trauma. That is how and when insurance companies take advantage of victims. As a result, most victims end up agreeing on low settlements. 

If you are struggling with a similar issue, a personal injury lawyer in Boston, at Swartz and Swartz can help you deal with the insurance company and get the right compensation claim for your damages. In this article, we want to share some common mistakes people make that can wreak havoc on their car accident insurance claims.

What car insurance claim mistakes should you avoid after a car accident?

  1. Relying on an insurance adjuster’s explanation for your claim: Unfortunately, only a few auto drivers read their auto insurance policy. If you have ever tried reading it, you probably haven’t understood what is included in the policy as you aren’t familiar with the legal terms of a car insurance policy. If you request that an insurance agent explains your policy, they will offer you the disclosures that are mandated by law. While they may tell you what is or is not covered, they can easily manipulate you when you ask for compensation.
  2. Accepting a quick settlement: You may have large outstanding medical bills after a car accident. On top of that, you have incurred vehicle damage costs and lost wages. It is natural to feel stressed in such a situation, and your insurance company knows this. They also know what compensation claim is sufficient to make you accept it. So, they usually offer you less than you deserve. At times, many people accept the offer and settle up for a low compensation amount. However, you need to know that insurance companies can close your file once you have signed for the check. It is impossible to find out the correct amount of full settlement for a car accident until after you have fully recovered, therefore, you should not accept a quick settlement early on. Otherwise, you will have to pay any future medical expenses incurred from your pocket.
  3. Providing a recorded statement: When you have been injured in a car accident, the insurance agent of the at-fault driver may ask you for a statement to process your claim. Many people don’t know that they don’t need to give a statement to the insurance company of the faulty party, as the insurance adjuster may use this to manipulate you and downplay your injuries. The most common trick they use is to call you and ask how you are. Like many people, chances are you reply to this “I am fine”. They may use any positive reply from your side against you. However, insurance companies know they can’t talk to you directly once you have hired a personal injury firm in Boston.

The Bottom Line

Hiring a personal injury law firm after a car accident is worth the expense as they will review your accident and injuries to find out what compensation amount is right for you. They will not only ensure you get the deserved amount but also represent your case on your behalf, especially when you are in the hospital and can’t attend the court hearing.

At Swartz & Swartz, we have highly qualified and experienced car accident lawyers who will work for you and ensure you obtain maximum compensation for your loss. Get in touch with us to speak to our attorneys and discuss your case now.



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