State law requires all auto drivers to have a valid driving license or learner’s permit to drive on roads in Massachusetts. But what if an unlicensed driver in accident at fault hits you or unlicensed driver gets in an accident, and then you suffer injuries in an accident? The immediate aftermath of an accident can be very confusing and hectic. But if an unlicensed driver caused the accident that left you injured, it’s important to know what your legal rights and options are.

However, before we learn about your rights, it is important to know what penalties the driver has to face. 

For a first offense, an unlicensed operator will face the following unlicensed driver penalty/penalties:

  • A fine of $2500
  • A mandatory 10 days in jail
  • Suspension of the right to receive a license

For a second offense, an unlicensed operator will face the following penalties:

  • A fine of $25,000
  • A mandatory 30 days in jail, and the time in jail can go over 1 year
  • Suspension of the right to receive a  license 

Your Legal Rights If An Unlicensed Driver Hits You

If injuries sustained due to a car accident, you may wonder what your legal rights are. The good news is that you have the same legal rights as you would if a licensed driver hit you. This means you may be able to file a personal injury claim to get compensation for your damages and injuries, such as medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

However, you will need to prove that the driving Without a License driver was at fault in the accident. This can be done by showing that the unlicensed driver violated a traffic law, such as running a red light or speeding.

If you have dash camera footage of the accident, this can be extremely helpful in proving that the unlicensed driver was at fault. If there are any witnesses to the accident, be sure to get their contact information so their testimony can be used to support your claim.

What Should You Do After an Accident With an Unlicensed Driver?

  • Stay at the scene: It is important to remain at the scene of the accident until the authorities have arrived and taken a report. Failing to do so could result in criminal charges.
  • Call the police: Even if the accident seems minor, you should call the police to report the accident. The police will be able to investigate the accident and determine who was at fault.
  • Get medical attention: If you are injured in an accident, seek medical attention as soon as possible.
  • Exchange information: Get the name, address, and phone number of the unlicensed driver driving without a valid license, as well as their insurance information if they have it.
  • Document the accident: Take pictures of the damage to both vehicles, as well as any injuries you sustained. Keep a record of any medical bills or lost wages you incur as a result of the accident.
  • Contact your insurance company: Notify your insurance company of the accident and provide them with the necessary documentation. You may need to file a claim with your uninsured motorist coverage if the unlicensed driver does not have insurance.
  • Consult with an attorney: If you have sustained significant injuries or property damage, you may want to consult a personal injury lawyer in Boston to help you navigate the legal process and ensure that you are fairly compensated for your losses.

The Bottom Line

If driving without a valid DL driver hits you, you have the same legal rights as you would if a licensed driver hits you. You can file a personal injury claim to recover your losses, such as medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. However, you will need to hire an experienced personal injury law firm, such as Swartz Law, that can help you navigate the legal process and ensure you get the compensation you deserve for your loss.

So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with our personal injury lawyers and discuss your case today!

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Mr. Swartz, our Managing and Principal Attorney at Swartz & Swartz P.C., is a nationally recognized and respected trial attorney as well as consumer advocate. His practice focuses on cases involving negligence, torts, products liability, medical malpractice, wrongful death, and other claims involving catastrophic injuries.

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