Daylan Walker, a 2-year-old who had been dropped off at a Columbia Road day care where he had started only two weeks earlier, somehow made his way to the roof of the building. Daylan fell from the roof in an unimaginable tragedy for his family.


Investigations are ongoing, probing the question of how did the young boy wandered out of his day care, climbed four flights of stairs and push through a door onto the roof.
Boston’s Inspectional Services Department issued a violation, finding the door to the roof didn’t fully shut automatically and had to be manually pulled closed. The day care at 129 Columbia Road is licensed to Marisol Rondon-Ramos for up to six children by the Department of Early Education and Care. The building is owned by Urban Edge and managed by Winn­ Residential.
The most important aspect of any child care is the safety and supervision of children. We too often we hear about the neglect many children are subjected to while in a nursery or daycare setting. Claims have arisen when children are neglected by staff members who are inadequately trained or screened. Many day care facilities do not properly educate their staff, resulting in the hiring of careless employees. Many times there is inadequate staff to supervise and protect children, which can lead to tragedy.
Since these innocent victims cannot protect themselves, it is critical to report any instance of suspected child abuse or neglect. There are many state agencies that can assist you in these matters.
Concerns also may arise when a property owner (or a party in control of the property) fails to provide security to make the property safe. In such circumstances, the owner/occupier can be held responsible and legally liable for inadequate security.

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