According to Massachusetts State Police, a 9-year-old girl dies after being dragged by a school bus in Plainfield, MA. The school bus Investigations indicated that the incident happened around 4.p.m when she was dropped off at the stop on South Central Street.


Investigators believe the 9-year old girl was not fully cleared from the bus’s door when they closed, causing her to get caught in the door and dragged as the bus drove away. Northampton Barracks state troopers, Planfield Fired and EMS immediately responded to the scene. In addition, a State Police Collision Analysis, Reconstruction Team and the State Police Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Section as well responded to the accident.
The bus driver is currently being interviewed by the State Police detectives and the Northwestern District Attorney’s Office. The 9-year-old girl reported to be a student of the school in the area as well as the children who were in the bus with her. Furthermore, the name of the school or the bus company has not been released and is in further investigation.