It won’t be surprising to find out that Super Bowl Sundays have been one of the most popular sports celebrations in the United States. In fact, millions of Americans get excited and tune in when it comes to the National Football League’s Championship. People in and around the United States attend viewing parties at restaurants, public bars, or private homes, where cocktails, beer, or wine often come with traditional game-day menu items. 

Predictably, our team of wrongful death lawyers in Boston shares that drinking and driving have been one of the top reasons for spikes in accidents and deaths on Super Bowl Sunday. In simple words, such events put everyone on the road at risk. If a drunk driver hurts or leaves you injured after the Super Bowl or at any other time, speaking to our personal injury law firm experts can make things better straight from the beginning. Most likely, Boston law entitles individuals injured by impaired or negligent drivers to compensation. 

What Else Do You Need to Know? 

Suppose a negligent/drunk driver hits you on the road. In that case, chances are the police may respond to the scene of the accident, decide that the driver is intoxicated, and haul them away in handcuffs. To many people, this may seem like justice is served, but, honestly, you need to know that the criminal case against the negligent driver has to do nothing with your insurance claim. Therefore, it would be best to be proactive in the case to claim compensation. We have presented a quick rundown that showcases when you need to retain an experienced Boston wrongful death attorney to represent you with the compensation lawsuit. 

What Incidents Entitle You to Compensation? 

While no one wants to suffer a road accident caused by drinking and driving, no one wishes to lose someone special in such an incident either, that too can happen unexpectedly. Our car accident lawyers in Boston want you to know that according to the law in the United States, accident-related losses are entitled to compensation. Because driving under the influence is unarguably against the law; the legal board generally considers impaired drivers negligent, especially when drunk or drugged.

Both economic and non-economic damages are covered under the same procedures. For example, damages can include medical expenses, loss of earnings, funeral expenses, the value of goods/services provided by the victim, loss of benefits including pension plans or medical coverage, loss of advice, care, guidance, protection, and nurturing from the deceased. 

Who Owns The Legal Right To File A Wrongful Death Claim? 

According to Boston law firms, there are two categories of individuals who can file a lawsuit under the supervision of a reputable law firm. 

  • Primary beneficiaries including the surviving family members – spouse, parent, or children of the deceased individual. They can go ahead with filing both wrongful death and survival actions. 
  • On the other hand, secondary beneficiaries who can apply for a claim could be distant family members like nephews, nieces, siblings, and cousins. This is only applicable when there are no primary beneficiaries in the records. 

Always keep in mind that a lawsuit, with the guidance of a reputable wrongful death lawyer in Boston, should be filed within a maximum of three years after the deceased’s death. All over the United States, every state has a different statute of limitations, so make sure to check with your dedicated attorney about your state’s. 

Why Choose Swartz Law as Your Wrongful Death Lawyer? 

Here at Swartz Law, our experienced and certified team of attorneys is committed to helping individuals who seek compensation for the death of their loved ones. With the right mix of compassion and experience, we understand how to show care to the suffering family members while securing the maximum possible financial compensation from the negligent parties. We have the reputation, expertise, experience, and results driven by a contingency fee arrangement and prompt resolutions. 

Want to know more about how our team of capable lawyers can benefit you with their knowledge? Call Swartz & Swartz at (617) 742-1900 or toll-free at 1-800-545-3732 to schedule an initial consultation and get in touch with us. We’d be more than happy to assist you through these difficult times.



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