Have you recently got injured in a car accident? Beyond question, consulting a car accident lawyer in Boston becomes evident. Consequently, the days and weeks after a crash can be strenuous, especially if the victim has sustained minor or major injuries. Furthermore, dealing with those expensive medical bills and conservative insurance companies can be highly exhausting and overwhelming. Therefore, have a dedicated attorney by your side who can manage communication with the insurance providers while protecting your rights. Honestly, only with expert guidance can you successfully claim your car accident case. Unfortunately, that is the maximum you can do when involved in a car accident.

So what happens when you don’t call a car accident attorney?

One of the most searched questions around such cases is when one should hire a lawyer for a car accident. Despite all the obvious reasons, still, some individuals don’t prefer to be a part of legal action or compensation claim lawsuits. So far, there is not any law that states that one must hire a lawyer; still, we have got so many clear-cut reasons to do so.

Normally, insurance providers have teams of lawyers who evaluate your injury claim immediately. And as most of the victims are not equipped to stand up to the attorneys, whose full-time job is to save money for the billion-dollar insurance companies. So in contemplation of the level of those robust attorneys and balance the scale, you need to go with legal representation. Here’s why:

  • Insurance companies may nag you.

Well, this is something true and obvious that happens most of the time. They normally try to pressurize the victims with the case settlement on lower terms even before knowing all the medical treatment requirements. However, having a dedicated car accident attorney (Boston-based) helps you secure a better position while representing you legally in conversations with the insurance providers, reducing any premature pressure to settle.

  • Documentation could be misplaced.

The more you wait to consult a car accident lawyer, the more is the risk that you may lose or misplace the key documentation. It is not so out of the ordinary for paperwork to go missing, photos to be damaged/deleted, or evidence to be lost. With time, you may also notice that the injuries you have suffered weren’t properly photographed or documented by medical professionals, which could eventually confine your compensation. It is tough but not impossible to go back and seek out this information later on.

  • Witnesses could go off track.

After a while, witnesses could even forget the details of the incident, like what they saw, and what they said. As a result, they may not be able to share the required evidence or information you need for your case, which can ultimately put your case in a risky position. Considering that, a reputed car accident lawyer in Boston can help you record all the witnesses’ statements at the right time. Additionally, it assures you have the most precise account of what happened during the incident.

  • Insurance providers may delay your claim.

There is no doubt that most insurance companies make it a practice to postpone personal injury claims. Legitimately, this is a typical tactic, and the insurance providers have many strategies to keep you from getting the compensation you deserve.

Setting time might be missed.

In almost every state of the United States, there is a statute time limitation for filing a car accident claim. Your attorney can confirm the same to you. So make sure not to wait too long to file your claim as you may lose your legal right to receive the compensation.

Ultimately, as soon as you are involved in a car accident, there’s nothing else better than seeking legal assistance. Filing a claim with an experienced attorney can assure that your rights are protected, and you pursue the compensation you deserve. Call us our Boston office at

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About the Author: James Swartz
Mr. Swartz, our Managing and Principal Attorney at Swartz & Swartz P.C., is a nationally recognized and respected trial attorney as well as consumer advocate. His practice focuses on cases involving negligence, torts, products liability, medical malpractice, wrongful death, and other claims involving catastrophic injuries.

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