On one Saturday morning in February, a young girl and her friend were preparing breakfast at home. When the young girl reached across the electric stove, the lit burner ignited the bottom of the pajama top she was wearing.


The label on the pajamas indicated they were 100% cotton. The pajama top continued to burn until the young girl was able to extinguish the flames in the shower. The young girl was horribly burned on her right arm and on the right side of her neck and chest. She sustained second degree burns over 10-12% of her body. Parents of this young girl brought a products liability action claiming the wrongful acts or omissions of the pajama manufacturer included marketing a pajama set that was unreasonably prone to ignite, that burned at an unreasonably fast rate of speed, that was not self-extinguishing, that was not made of appropriate fabric for sleepwear and that was not marketed with adequate warnings or instructions.