Products Liability – Flammable household products


Thirteen-year-old camper sustained total body surface area burns--22% second degree burns and 10% third degree burns-when he and a friend gained access to a gasoline container that was readily available in an unlocked camp garage.   The boy and his parents brought a negligence claim against the camp for failure to supervise minor campers, and

Hair Spray

After valve failed on child's hair spray, minor attempted to cut open can of hair spray.   Child was standing in the kitchen near a gas stove when she opened the can. The can released a cloud of hair spray which was ignited by stove's pilot light, severely burning the child. The child sued the

Disposable Cigarette Lighters

A 6-year-old boy was playing with a disposable cigarette lighter when his clothing caught on fire.   The cigarette lighter contained no child-resistant features. The boy sustained severe burns.[19]

Christmas Tree Lights

A newly purchased pre-decorated Christmas tree ignited resulting in the deaths of three small children and the destruction of the family home.   Materials on the tree were found to burn at a rapid rate. In addition, Christmas tree lights similar to those on the tree had been recalled as defective.

Fireplace Log Lighter

The plaintiff and a daughter suffered severe injuries in an explosion which destroyed the family home.   His wife and two other children were killed. He was using a fireplace log lighter which was leaking propane gas.

Cleaning Fluid

A shoe factory worker had been given a five gallon container of acetone (a highly flammable liquid) and an empty pail to do work at home.   The warning "Flammable" was on the acetone container, but the factory worker was given no instructions concerning the proper method of using the liquid. She poured some liquid

Paint Remover

A young man was removing paint from his basement floor with a paint remover that had a toluene base.   The hot water heater pilot light ignited the vapors causing an explosion which resulted in severe burn injuries causing the man's death. There were no warnings that the vapors were flammable or that the pilot

Charcoal Lighter Fluid

A mother in her early 30s and her 5-year-old daughter were badly burned by a flashback explosion of a one-gallon container of an alcohol solvent and charcoal lighter fluid which was being used by the mother to light a barbecue fire.   The mother suffered extensive burns on her legs. The five-year-old girl suffered severe

Hair Curlers

A housewife was setting her hair with some hair curlers that she bought at a local retail store.   An ash from a cigarette she was smoking ignited the highly flammable curlers, and as a result she suffered severe facial burns with scarring. Recovery is based on the defective and dangerously flammable plastic in the

Cooking Oil

A mother, watched by her 8-year-old daughter, was preparing to deep fry potatoes in corn oil. The oil container contained no instructions or warnings concerning the phenomenon of oil spattering when it comes in contact with water, nor did the container give instructions on the means of putting out oil fires.   The spattering oil

Stover Cleaner

A housewife purchased a cleaning agent which was designed and sold to be used to clean stoves.   While she was cleaning the grates of the stove with a cloth impregnated with the cleansing agent, the cloth suddenly ignited. The flame spread to the can of cleaning agent which was on an adjacent counter. There


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