Products Liability – Lead Poisoning

Automobile Battery; Booster Cable

One cold winter morning a friend of plaintiff asked him if he could help him jump-start his car.   Plaintiff pulled his car alongside his friend's. He attached the booster cable to his friend's battery and then attached one end of the cable to the negative conductor on his battery. As he was about to

Automobile Battery Explosion

A police officer noticed that the dome light on top of his patrol car was not operating properly.   He took the car to the station garage for inspection. While he was examining the battery water level to see if it was filled properly, hydrogen generated by the battery was ignited and caused the battery


A child was known to nibble on paint chips from window sills in a 3-family apartment house.   As a consequence, he suffered from lead poisoning. The paint in the apartment contained dangerously high concentrations of lead.[105] Two years previously the landlord had the apartment re-painted by an independent contractor.

Toy Truck

A three-year-old boy was presented with a toy truck for Christmas. As children of that age often do, he periodically chewed on the truck.   After a period of a few months, he became ill and his illness was diagnosed as lead poisoning. He suffered permanent brain damage. An analysis of the paint used on


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