Life-threatening infections have become all too common in hospitals, particularly after surgeries. Catastrophic infection can occur in such settings if proper precautions by hospitals and medical personnel are not taken.

Recent research suggests that there is reason to be concerned about 3M’s Bair Hugger Patient Warming System. For example, the most recent, published in The Bone and Joint Journal, showed 2,000 times more contaminant particles above the wound with Bair Hugger warming, an increase of 217,300%. Prior research linked Bair Hugger to a 3.8x increase in joint infections.
At least one claim has been filed alleging that the system is defective.  In particular, it is alleged that the Bair Hugger creates convection currents that lift pathogens from the floor of the OR, depositing them into the surgical site.
Bair Hugger is used in more than 90% of significant surgeries in the United States.  For the 12,000+ orthopedic implant infections that occur in the US each year, it is alleged that Bair Hugger is the cause of the infection.
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