An explosion that was purportedly caused by a natural gas leak inside a single-story home on Babbitt Street in the South End of New Bedford destroyed the Cape-style house.


The gas leak was thought to be the cause of the explosion, fire, and ensuing damage. The damage caused by this gas explosion included all four exterior house walls (damaged beyond repair), and all of the windows on the north and east sides, which were blown out. The flames from the kitchen spread all the way to the roof.

Our record in gas explosion cases is second to none. We have been handling these cases for more than three decades and have achieved record results in Massachusetts, New England and throughout the United States. We work with the most knowledgeable and sophisticated scientific and medical experts in the country to achieve record verdicts and settlements. For example, in recent years, we obtained two record recoveries in natural gas explosions cases:
•We represented the estates of two victims who died and six persons who were injured in Attleboro, Massachusetts, securing a record $25 million settlement after their gas explosion accident.
•We represented the family of two young children who died in a gas explosion in Hopkinton, Massachusetts, resulting from the failure of a gas company to replace a corroded fitting. We achieved a recovery of $17 million.
Factors causing or contributing to gas explosions resulting in burn injuries or wrongful death have included improper gas line locations, faulty parts and equipment in mobile homes, workplace equipment, camping equipment, and defectively designed propane stoves.
If you or a loved one has suffered burn injuries from a fire, explosion, or electrocution, contact a personal injury attorney at our Boston law office. We are here to answer your questions and protect your legal rights.
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