Residents of West, a town in Central Texas, have begun the healing process after an explosion at a fertilizer plant injured more than 200 residents and killed 14. Officials will be allowing residents back into their homes in part of the severely damaged neighborhood in the north section of town.

The explosion was caused by a fire at the plant Wednesday evening. It occurred as firefighters were evacuating people from their homes—including some elderly residents at a nursing home. The blast gutted homes, along with a 50-unit apartment complex.  The plant’s blast registered a 2.1 magnitude event, according to the U.S. Geological Service, and was felt 15 miles away are heard as far as Waxahachie (45 miles away). Agencies from across the state have joined the Waco Police Department in rescue and assessment of the damage.
Explosions caused by various ignition sources, such as gas explosions, as well as burns caused by fire and electrocution, can have a devastating and catastrophic impact, resulting in death or severe, permanent disabilities. Burn victims and their families suffer through long months of painful and costly medical procedures and rehabilitation in order to regain function. The psychological damage of a burn injury, especially highly visible burns to the face or hands, may last a lifetime.
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