Small World Toys reports that it has recalled its Ryan’s Room brand Spin-A-Mals Farm and Safari Puzzles over choking hazard concerns. The recall was made in cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).


The puzzles, which are made of wood, include small pegs on the puzzle boards that may loosen and separate from the boards, creating a potential choking hazard for children. Small World Toys said it has received four reports about pegs breaking off puzzle boards.
The Spin-A-Mals Farm and Safari Puzzles are designed for children who are aged 12 months and older. The puzzles consist of a painted, rectangular board with pegs mounted to it and removable gear and animal-shaped pieces. The farm puzzle has 14 puzzle pieces including three animal pieces: a cow, a dog, and a sheep. The safari puzzle has 11 puzzle pieces. Children place the pieces onto the pegs and use the knob on one of the pieces or insert an animal figure into other pieces to rotate all of the gears. The puzzle boards have “2012 Small World Toys” on the bottom right.
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