Spacelabs Anesthesia Workstations and Service Kits: Class 1 Recall – Defect in CAS I/II Absorbers

There is a defect in CAS I/II Absorbers in the Spacelabs Anesthesia Workstations and Service Kits that may cause a condition leading to an increase in the carbon dioxide concentration within the inhaled gas being delivered to the patient.
These products are used in the hospital environment and in locations not requiring the mobility of products. They provide respiratory support to deliver oxygen, air, and nitrous oxide in a controlled manner to various patient-breathing circuits with or without the use of a mechanical ventilator and may be used to deliver anesthetic vapor.
This product may cause serious adverse health consequences, including death. These products were manufactured and distributed from Oct. 31, 2012, to Jan. 15, 2013.
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