Products Liability – Recreational equipment

Off-Road Bicycle

Biker was riding his off-road bicycle in a park when the bicycle hit a rock and stopped suddenly, throwing the biker over the handle bars.   The biker landed on his head and sustained serious neck injury, resulting in quadriplegia. At the time of the incident, the biker was wearing a helmet and riding gloves.


Girl sustained anoxic brain injury when a mini hammock became entangled around her neck, acting as a noose, and cutting off the air supply to her brain.   The mini-hammock was defective as it posed a severe hazard of strangulation. The hammock failed to incorporate any device, such as spreaders, to keep the hammock strings

Spas and Hot Tubs

New Jersey teenager was killed when she drowned in a hot tub. Her body was sucked against the drain at the bottom of the hot tub and was held under water.[67]

Roller Skates

Minor child sustained injuries while roller skating with defective roller skates.   Specifically, while skating, the brake stopper came off one of the child's skates, preventing her from braking and causing her to fall. Child and child's family sued the manufacturer and retailer of the roller skates.


The 55-year-old plaintiff was on a second honeymoon with her husband in Bermuda. On their last day there they rented motorbikes.   After riding for a while they pulled off the road into a rest area, bringing the bikes to a standstill. Thinking the motorbike was off, the plaintiff tried to dismount. The bike shot

Tent Heater

Plaintiff and his family were camping using a propane heater designed for use in tents.   A few minutes after plaintiff had adjusted the temperature, the heater caught on fire, igniting the tent. The plaintiff and his wife suffered severe burns. A gas leak in the regulator assembly was one of the causes of the

Swim Mask

The plaintiff, a 15-year-old boy, lost the vision in his right eye when the swim mask he was wearing shattered, sending splinters of glass into his eye.   Plaintiff alleged that the mask was improperly designed and manufactured. In addition, the defendant manufacturer failed to warn of the potential hazards associated with the mask.

Camper Trailer; Generator

A husband and wife died as a result of being asphyxiated in their deluxe family camper. The couple had activated a generator to power the air conditioning unit inside the motor home.   The generator's exhaust system had been improperly designed and installed by the manufacturer, allowing the carbon monoxide fumes to seep into the

Swimming Pool; Above-Ground; Another Example

The plaintiff, a 15-year-old boy, dove into a four foot above-ground pool and suffered severe injuries resulting in guadriplegia.   He is confined to a wheelchair and lives in a home for severely physically handicapped children. Suit was brought for failure to warn and negligent construction.[63] In a similar case, a boy suffered serious injuries

Swimming Pool; Above-Ground

The plaintiff, a thirteen-year-old girl, dove into a four foot above-ground pool and hit her head on the bottom.   She is paralyzed and confined to a wheelchair with minimal use of her arms.[62]

Bicycle; Frame

A teacher-coach was injured when the frame of his bicycle broke apart during a bike tour.   As a result of multiple fractures and injuries received when he was thrown from the bicycle, he is a quadriplegic. An expert found that the tubes and joints of the bicycle, which were weak and inadequate, would fail


The plaintiff was seated in a motorboat watching a waterskier.   When the boat crossed the wake of a wave, the plaintiff was ejected into the water and was subsequently struck by the boat, causing a serious injury to her hand and arm. Questions were raised about the design of the boat and its capacity

Flammable Camping Tent

Plaintiff and a friend were camping with a canvas tent. The tent was a winter-type tent and was equipped with a chimney to permit the use of a stove within the tent.   Although the tent manufacturer had previously made flame-retardant tents, it had stopped making them some years before and plaintiff's tent was not

Roller Coaster

The plaintiff was a passenger on a roller coaster when she was thrown from it during the ride.   She fell to the tracks below, breaking her neck and back. The roller coaster was equipped with fixed or stationary restraint bars, which allowed the force of the ride to propel her from her seat. Shoulder

Motorcycle Helmet

The plaintiff had purchased a motorcycle helmet from the dealer where he purchased his motorcycle.   While riding his motorcycle it went out of control, throwing the rider to the ground. On impact with the ground the helmet fractured and the plaintiff suffered fatal head injuries.[59]

Boat Winch

As the plaintiff was winching his 16-foot sailboat out of the water onto a boat trailer, the hook attached to the rope on the winch snapped and flew back towards the plaintiff, striking him in the arm.   The rope and hook were already with the winch when it was purchased by the plaintiff second-hand

Ski Boots; Improperly Installed Bindings

Plaintiff, a novice skier, bought his first pair of skis, bindings, and boots at a local ski shop.   About two years later he was caused to fall while traversing a small ski slope. His bindings did not release and as a result he sustained a serious fracture to his leg. The ski shop employee

Skiing Boots; Wrong Bindings

Plaintiff, while on a skiing holiday, was traversing a ski slope and attempting to make a turn when he was caused to fall, sustaining a severe fracture to his left leg.   Plaintiff's ski bindings did not release, which they should have. The ski shop which had sold the ski-bindings and boots to the plaintiff

Child’s Exercise Bar

A 5-year-old child was sitting in a swing which was suspended on a portable metal exercise bar supplied by the manufacturer to be used in connection with the swing.   The directions that came with the bar said that it would support a "200 pound man with ease." The bar fell on the child's head

Trailer Tent

A father and his young daughter were killed and his son badly burned when their tent trailer, which had been equipped with an LP gas stove and tank, burst into flames at a rural campground.   The fire was reportedly caused by sparks from a nearby campfire blown by the wind onto the trailer's canvas


The plaintiff, a 15-year-old girl, had purchased a pair of inexpensive, imported sunglasses from a major discount store.   She brought them with her to the beach and fell asleep on the shore with them on her face. She awoke to find the plastic frames in flames and forming a sticky napalm-like substance on her


The plaintiffs, two boys ages 12 and 10 were spending the night at a campsite.   Before retiring they left a candle outside their tent which was the source of ignition. The canvas material of which the tent was constructed caught fire. The two boys were severely burned and will suffer permanent scarring. It would


The plaintiff had recently purchased a 27-foot powerboat. The boat was equipped with a pump to dissipate gas vapor which built up in the hold.   The plaintiff forgot to activate the pump prior to starting the ignition. There was an explosion followed by a fire. The plaintiff has third-degree burns over 30% of his

Bicycle Pedal

Thirteen-year-old boy sustained serious injuries when the pedal stem on his new bicycle broke in two pieces, causing the jagged edge of the broken pedal stem to impale his right knee.   The break occurred as the boy was peddling up the hill; he fell from his bicycle, saw a hole in his knee and

Bicycle; Brakes

The plaintiff bought a two-wheel bike for his 5-year-old boy. The Bicycle was equipped with training wheels but had no brakes.   The package that the unassembled bike came in stated that brakes were not included. On his first ride on the bike the boy went down a hill, was unable to stop the bike,


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