A bus taking people to casinos crashed and overturned on a Dallas-area turnpike this morning, killing two people.


Thirty-six people were transported to local hospitals after the one-vehicle crash on President George Bush Turnpike in Irving. One passenger was “pinned” in the wreckage. That person was removed; his or her condition is unavailable. The bus, owned by a Dallas-area charter company, was taking people to casinos in Oklahoma.
Buses are regulated by the federal government, which requires adherence to safety standards to ensure the safe transport of millions of passengers every year. Safety checks of engines, tires and other equipment, as well as proper certification of drivers, are all part of the important procedures to protect the lives of travelers. The applicable federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) are categorized to require compliance with strict crash avoidance and crash worthiness regulations, among other standards.
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