Boston Mayor Marty Walsh said Tuesday that some parking tickets will be forgiven for healthcare workers during the COVID-19 outbreak.


“With our Boston Transportation Department, we are working to provide transportation assistance to Boston’s healthcare workers who are on the frontlines of this pandemic,” Walsh said. “We understand transportation is crucial for medical professionals, and these updated policies will assist them during this public health crisis.”

With this policy, if a healthcare worker gets a parking ticket for a non-public safety reason, the city will waive the ticket upon appeal, if the person shares a copy of their work ID.

These exemptions do not include public safety violations, such as blocking a hydrant, sidewalk or handicap ramp. These policies will be in place only for the duration of the Boston Public Health Commission’s declared public health emergency or as otherwise determined by the Commissioner of the Boston Transportation Department.

Tickets can be appealed via [email protected]

Source: WCVB
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