In March, a simple tooth extraction procedure put 17-year-old Jennifer Olenicvk into cardiac arrest.  Allegations against the oral surgeon, Dr. Domenick Colleti, and anesthesiologist, Dr. Krista Mechelle Issacs, are based upon alleged negligence in addressing an apparent anesthesia error once Jennifer’s heart rate started to slow.


The medical malpractice lawsuit claims the doctors failed to adequately monitor Olenicvk while under anesthesia. Furthermore, it is alleged that the doctors neglected to make appropriate attempts to resuscitate their patient after her heart rate dropped to a fatal 40 beats per minute. Consequently, Jennifer’s brain suffered severe damage, leading to a slow death over a 10-day period. A chief medical examiner determined the exact cause of death to be a condition called hypoxia, or oxygen deprivation.
The standard of care for treating patients under anesthesia in such circumstances is to constantly monitor and regulate oxygenation levels. Failing to do so can result in catastrophic brain injury.
Medical malpractice can occur in any environment where a doctor, nurse, or healthcare provider provides treatment to a patient. It can occur in a doctor’s private office or in the operating room at a hospital. Surgical negligence includes errors due to carelessness by a surgeon during the procedure itself; the decision to proceed with surgery despite signs in the patient’s presentation or medical history that the procedure should not move forward; the improper choice of medical tools or equipment; negligence in the failure to be responsive to patient symptoms during and after surgery; or failing to remove a medical instrument, device or other surgical implements from a patient after surgery.
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