Bell Sports is recalling about 31,100 bicycle helmets (2,500 in Canada) because ‘the plastic buckle that connects the chin straps can fail, causing the helmet to come off the wearer’s head.


These helmets are not typical of those commonly seen in retail stores. Rather, they are full-face bicycle helmets that might be used by BMX, Super-D, and all-mountain riders. There has been at least one report ‘of a buckle failing during an accident, resulting in an injury that required stitches below the wearer’s eye.’
Bell Sports helmets in this bicycle helmet recall include:
Bell Exodus in Orange/Grey/Black with part/model number 1003825/035011898025
Bell Exodus in Blue/Grey/Gold/White/Black with part/model number 1006714/035011917719
These full-face helmets were made in Taiwan and sold at Walmart and online at between August 2009 and March 2011 for between $50 and $60.
While proper labeling, recalls and regulations are important for the safety of recreational products, manufacturers have a responsibility to ensure only safe products reach the marketplace, avoiding the potential to cause catastrophic injury. The burden must be on manufacturers and retailers, not consumers, to identify hazards before their products enter the channels of commerce.
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