Products Liability – Flammable household products

Charcoal Lighter Fluid

A mother in her early 30s and her 5-year-old daughter were badly burned by a flashback explosion of a one-gallon container of an alcohol solvent and charcoal lighter fluid which was being used by the mother to light a barbecue fire.   The mother suffered

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Hair Curlers

A housewife was setting her hair with some hair curlers that she bought at a local retail store.   An ash from a cigarette she was smoking ignited the highly flammable curlers, and as a result she suffered severe facial burns with scarring. Recovery is

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Cooking Oil

A mother, watched by her 8-year-old daughter, was preparing to deep fry potatoes in corn oil. The oil container contained no instructions or warnings concerning the phenomenon of oil spattering when it comes in contact with water, nor did the container give instructions on the

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Stover Cleaner

A housewife purchased a cleaning agent which was designed and sold to be used to clean stoves.   While she was cleaning the grates of the stove with a cloth impregnated with the cleansing agent, the cloth suddenly ignited. The flame spread to the can

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