Two years ago, Shele Danishefsky Covlin, a UBS wealth manager, was found face-down dead in her bathtub. With a clearly cut scalp, Colvin’s death was allegedly ruled an accidental fall.

Jewish Orthodox traditions prompted her family to refuse an autopsy and order an immediate burial a day after Covlin’s death.  After investigation, however, information of a bitter divorce rose to the surface, and as The New York Daily News noted, “they dug deeper-literally.” Covlin’s body was exhumed in July 2010 and the cause of death confirmed strangulation. The prime suspect has been identified as her husband, Rod Covlin; he refuses to make any public comments regarding the scandal.
As the statute of limitations for filing a lawsuit was set to expire this week, a wrongful death suit has been filed against Rod. Reporters claim that without this lawsuit, Rod is due to inherit a share of Danishefsky’s $1.5 Million estate.
Wrongful death actions are lawsuits brought on behalf of a deceased person’s beneficiaries, alleging that death was attributable to the willful or negligent act of another. States across the country have their own wrongful death statutes, providing causes of action for the decedent’s personal representative, for the benefit of certain beneficiaries, such as spouses, parents, and children.
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