Six people aboard a 31-year-old cabin cruiser suffered injuries from an explosion caused by a gasoline leak in the stern.  On Saturday, gasoline vapors sparked by the boat’s engine caused the boat to catch fire. Sargent Karl Marting, a conservation police officer said the fireball burst from an enclosed space near the boat’s engine compartment at about 3:30 p.m. He claims the explosion was brief but powerful, “We’re talking about a second or more, but quite high and quite forceful.”

The 25 foot, 1980 Chris Craft cabin cruiser just pulled away from Parkway Marina in Virginia after being refueled when the vapors exploded.  Luckily, the quick burst of fire was quelled by a fire extinguisher a marina employee brought on board. The boat itself suffered little damage; however, the boaters injured in Saturday’s incident wound up in the water about 150 feet from shore, several injured or stunned enough to have possibly drowned had they not been quickly rescued.  Two victims of this gas explosion were immediately taken to the burn unit at the University of Virginia Medical Center while the remaining four injured boaters are being treated for their burns at Roanoke Memorial Hospital.
Aside from causing severe burns, gas explosions may scar a victim with related traumatic injuries if he/she is thrown or falls. These injuries require extensive medical treatment and/or rehab and may result in lasting physical and psychological damage. Consequently, medical expenses may be overwhelming. In either case, liability can be attributed to a number of external factors including the gas company supplying the gas, the manufacturer of the appliance/equipment, anyone who has operated on the equipment and etc. In order to obtain financial compensation for victims of burn injuries from explosions, it is vital to work with a law firm with the experience and resources to pursue claims against major corporations responsible for life-altering injuries, often utility companies or manufacturers.
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