A 29-year-old woman, Irene Bamenga, died in a New York county jail while awaiting deportation to France. Ms. Bamenga’s husband reported that her death was the result of improper or inadequate medication to treat her heart condition.


The alleged negligence by the state and correctional authorities has led to the filing of a wrongful death lawsuit. Bamenda was being detained when she and her husband tried crossing into Canada so she could fly to France to clear up her immigration issues. Bamenda had a plane ticket, but U.S. immigration authorities would not allow her to leave due to an expired visa, even though her husband was a US citizen.
Irene Bamenga died of congestive heart failure in the Albany, New York jail. Yodi Zikianda, Irene’s husband, said his wife took six different medications for her condition. He also said immigration authorities assured them that she would receive her medication, but she never did. Medical records show Bamenga wrote to the doctors and nurses in jail that she was experiencing shortness of breath and palpitations. She also wrote, “I am not being given the full dosage of my medications.” Bamenda died two days after she was first detained.
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