In March 2011, during Consumer Protection Week, a new online database from the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) will launch.


This Consumer Product Safety Information Database will be a place for consumers to submit reports of harm as well as search for reports of harm. This Database will compile all information on manufacturers of consumer products, importers of consumer products, and owners of a brand or trademark of a consumer product with a private label.
Part of the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act in 2008 involved setting up a database where consumers can register complaints and manufacturers can respond. “Reports of harm” can be filed by any consumer, such as the user of the product, as well as any family member, guardian, friend, or observer of the use. Others such as health care providers, child service providers, public safety entities, or consumer advocates can file a complaint. These “reports of harm” must be submitted to the CPSC through the incident form either online, by telephone, E-Mail, or by mail. Within five days of receiving the report of harm, the CPSC will notify the manufacturer identified in the report. The company’s response would then be due within ten days, after which both the complaint and response would be posted on the Web site.
This database will allow consumers quick and easy access to product safety information as well as a portal to voice their complaints about consumer products to the manufacturers.
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