A Pittsburgh couple – Michael Yocabet and life partner, Christina Meccanic – has sued the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) regarding a transplant involving a Hepatitis C-infected kidney.


After finding out that the two are a match, Yocabet and Meccanic decided to move ahead with a kidney transplant from Meccanic to Yocabet.  Tests performed prior to the transplant indicated that Meccanic’s kidney was infected with the disease, however, the hospital overlooked her serious condition and proceeded with the transplant. Now, Yocabet suffers from the same disease.
Since the operation, UPMC closed its kidney and liver transplant center for two months and took disciplinary measures against associated medical officials, a surgeon, and nurses.
Hepatitis C is categorized as one of the most dangerous of all Hepatitis diseases. Activated by exposure to infected blood, the virus that causes this condition attacks the liver, leading to inflammation. Long terms effects include cirrhosis, liver cancer, and liver failure.
Medical malpractice errors lead to thousands of deaths and serious injuries each year. Although healthcare providers have access to more medical devices, diagnostic tests, and drugs than ever before, there remains a high rate of medical malpractice around the country, affecting thousands of unsuspecting patients who place their trust in their doctors, nurses, and hospitals.
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