Products Liability – Gas explosions

Underground Propane Gas Tank – Gas Explosions

Forty-two-year-old man sustained catastrophic burn injuries while filling an underground propane gas tank.   Unknown to the man, the underground tank had been inactive for years and had developed a hole. When the propane was inserted into the tank, it leaked out onto the adjacent

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Unmarked Gas Line

Two city employees were killed, and five city employees and two residents were injured when an unmarked gas line was accidentally hit, causing a gas explosion.   The evidence indicated that a city Department of Public Works (DPW) employee called a safety company to announce

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Propane Gas Explosion

Woman was severely burned when propane sold by ZZZ ignited. ZZZ negligently failed to properly fill the propane container, failed to recertify said container despite regulations imposing a duty on ZZZ to do so.   ZZZ also negligently inspected, tested, marketed, advertised, sold and distributed

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Explosion at varnish factory occurred when toluene was added to solvents in a drum; one worker died and another was injured.   The toluene manufacturer failed to provide adequate warnings and instructions for using toluene. The warnings and instruction failed to alert users of the

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Natural Gas Pipe; Condominium

Plaintiff, a 28-year-old woman was visiting her friend at her condominium. Unknown to them, since there was no warning odor, a natural gas pipe had broken.   Gas seeped into the building, causing it to explode. As a result of the explosion, the plaintiff suffered

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Gas Torch

The plaintiff's husband was working in a fiberglass bucket of a "cherry picker" using a gas torch unit. Suddenly there was an explosion and fire.   The bottom of the bucket was burned out, and plaintiff's husband fell to the ground and died as a

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Inadequate Safety Valve

Three members of a family were killed and another severely injured when a gas explosion destroyed the family home.   The gas valve which fed the fireplace did not have a safety shut-off. In addition, it could not be determined by observing the valve whether

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Liquid Propane Gas; Inadequate Odorization

The plaintiff suffered extensive burns as a result of a flash fire that occurred when LPG propane gas leaked into the basement of his home.   The propane, which had not been used previously, was delivered the day before the incident. The plaintiff charged that

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